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New Cozumel

Enjoy US level service and local access combined together!

As a serial entrepreneur in the US, I have several businesses as well as a real estate portfolio. We are very excited to about the opportunity that New Cozumel represents for not only for our investment income but the ability to use and love the actual investment. Making it the perfect investment!

As a data geek, I can only say that all signals are pointing to Cozumel as being the next 30A (but on steroids) and the time is now! Feel Free to connect and I will be happy to share why we are are investing in New Cozumel!

High Demand Opportunity

The demand for luxury and beachfront properties are on the rise and NEW COZUMEL is positioned to help investors along the way with tech, predictive analytics and marketing engines!

Usable Investment

Your portfolio can easly be designed to allow you access to use for friends, family and even BUSINESS (allowing for another level of opportunity…check with your CPA)

Decades of Growth

Like most beachfront or island properties, there are limited opportunities…in New Cozumel we see decades of growth and once the cap is hit the real magic will begin as supply & demand kick in against original investments making for a very special opportunity for those looking to build long term wealth, and family legacy!

Less economically sensitive

Growth even in times of world chaos, like a pandemic or downturn, thanks to its proximity and governmental nature!

Barriers to entry for the everyday investor, but doable!

You will need to understand the process, its not like just doing a TREK doc in the US, but we have the process pretty tight now!

Tax Benefits for US investors

Work with your CPA to realize the triple dip opportunity available in investing in New Cozumel. We are very happy we found this perfect little opportunity to help build our family legacy!

Cozumel Expat Living

High Demand Rentals on the island are an increasingly accessible investment!

“Due to the nature of the sector island housing is much like student housing and tends to be less economically sensitive than other sectors,” says founder, real estate series fund manager at NYC firm. “During economic downturns, enrollment numbers tend to hold steady or even increase due to fewer job opportunities, which typically leads to growth in college and university enrollment that aligns with tourism and travel making Cozumel a TRIFECTA for investors. »

“On the private side, we are seeing considerable investment in this asset class,” says Investors managing Client Wealth, “when it has traditionally been more difficult for investors to access public markets.”

The barriers to entry for the everyday investor, however, are beginning to crumble. If you’re ready to broaden your real estate investment horizons, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the benefits of student housing. It earns good marks for consistency. Residence student accommodation offers stability that is not always present in other real estate sectors, especially in times of market volatility. “One of the biggest benefits is consistency,” says Family Office manager. “The demand for student accommodation will always be there, which means that year after year there will always be viable tenants for your investment.”

Other Investment Opportunities

We host several investment , family office and M&A events each year on the island and have some interesting opportunities come out of these relationships.

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are booming and carbon credit companies are using Cozumel for not only events and sales meetings but using the trip for training and developement.

Capital Council

Celebrities, Investors and Mega Wealthy see the LONG PLAY with Cozumel for many reasons and the Capital Council has relocated its operations

Tech Boom

High Tech owners & investors are triple dipping thanks to the economy, workforce, and access to talent..Many relocating saying it is the next Estonia or Silicon Vally and setting up DRiet’s.

New Cozumel

Right Place, Right Time! Join many High-tech companies enjoy the Cozumel Island Life!

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